Monthly Archive for August, 2015


LMTV #72: Human, Being…

Looking for a change of perspective, maybe even a small miracle? Try turning off the “doing” for a while and just “being”. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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LMTV #71: Spontaneous Wisdom

When you listen carefully to the wisdom of your Soul, you are really connecting to Source, where all answers come from. All it takes is trust and patience.

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LMTV #70: Believe Six Impossible Things…

What if your beliefs were all wrong? Could turn your world upside-down, right? And yet, when you consider something “impossible”, it seems to open the mind.

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LMTV #69: The Heart-Empowered Man

The day of the “macho man” is long over. The world craves men who live from their heart; this episode shines a light on such men.

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