Almost everyone has some level of awareness. You are aware of things going on around you. You are aware of the passage of time. You are aware of sensations of cold or hunger or nervousness. Often, however, these forms of awareness seem to pop into our minds, either randomly or when some kind of urgency shows up. Most people are not fully aware of everything that is going on within them. And this is true for most of us—most of the time!

No worries, though, because in this episode, David and his guest Laina Orlando discuss the idea of Awareness in quite a bit of detail. And as you’ll quickly learn when you watch the video, they focus much of their attention on Self-Awareness.

Self-Awareness is really where the rubber meets the road, and it is this form of awareness that, once you develop it, really accelerates your growth and moves you more quickly along your path of Life Mastery.

Watch the video now and learn how this powerful skill can help you to grow and evolve much more quickly.

Episode Guest

Laina Orlando

Inspired by her own spiritual awakening, Laina Orlando loves to simplify spirituality so it’s easy to understand and practical to apply in everyday life. Her mantra is: “Life is fun and easy!”

Laina is an author, speaker, Awareness Coach, receiver of The Power of Awareness Program and director of The Awareness Academy.

Find out more at

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