“Nothing changes until it becomes what it is.”—Frederick Salomon Perls

Think about that quote for a moment. No doubt, it will shake up your ego-mind’s perspective a little bit. You might well be asking yourself: “Wait a minute! How can something become what it is? It already IS that!” And that’s the beauty of this quote: it gets you to think about something so obvious that you may never have noticed it before.

Your ego-mind has a way of putting its own spin on everything in your life. It is constantly interpreting, judging, concluding, and making up stories about whatever is going on. And then, as if to put the icing on the cake, your ego-mind claims that “this is just the way it is.” But the fact of the matter is that, very often, the world is nothing like what you think it is…which is why you sometimes have to deconstruct the illusions of your ego-mind and get back to What Is.

That is the whole point of Acceptance, a process by which you strip away all the stories and judgments and get down to the truth. In this week’s episode, David and his guest Azmina Jiwa take a deep dive into the powerful subject of Acceptance.

Episode Guest

Azmina Jiwa

Azmina, a timid but resourceful girl, came to England during the Uganda Crisis in 1972. Her confidence grew when she qualified as a chiropodist; she felt she was now a somebody as she had a profession and she was consciously aware of the difference she was making.

In later years, emotions that had been suppressed and unprocessed through the many changes in her life were crying out to be released. That is when her journey to discover her true self began and she started to learn how to have the freedom to be herself. This led to the recent publication of her new book, Freedom to be Me, which has already inspired and motivated many people.

Azmina is a professional coach, NLP practitioner, tarot card reader, and Forgiveness Workshop trainer who spends her time speaking, running workshops and writing to inspire and empower others.

You can learn more about her on her website: http://www.azminajiwa.com

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