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LMTV #104: Two Years of Life Mastery TV

This episode marks the completion of two years of continuous weekly webinars, so celebration is in order! Lots of guests, lots of fun, lots of wisdom!

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LMTV #90: Embrace the Force

Oneness. This is something that we hear about and talk about more and more. Do you want to experience it? All you have to do is embrace the force…within.

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LMTV #68: Words–Hurt or Heal?

Words are complex combinations of sound energy with powerful—and sometimes unintended—effects. Two amazing guests help us to understand the power of words.

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LMTV #52: Anniversary Celebration

On our 52nd episode, we bring back many of our featured guests to celebrate one year of free webinars, and to discuss what’s really important.

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LMTV #9: A Sound Way to Heal and Grow

Our guest Sara Jane has a deep passion to create healing through the amazing power of sound energy. Listen in as she shares her wisdom on this subject.

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