Topics with Tag ‘Frustration’


LMTV #95: The Perfection Paradox

Do you ever seek perfection? If you do, you’re not alone! It’s a common objective of many people, but what does it actually get us? And what is the cost?

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LMTV #64: Internal Hostage Situation

Age-old advice can turn into a powerful form of expectation that can keep you from enjoying your life. Get yourself out of the trap! Be free to BE!

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LMTV #57: It’s All Good

No matter how much we might want to control things, we can’t change what is. But practicing acceptance can help us realize & experience that it’s all good.

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LMTV #11: Expectation is the Mother of Frustration

Expectation is very different from anticipation, and attachment to desired outcomes can lead to disappointment. Learn how to release attachments.

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