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LMTV #108: Laughter Yoga

Laughter is the best medicine, so the saying goes. And it’s not just folklore. Turns out that laughter provides many benefits. Find out more this week.

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LMTV #40: LMTV Free-For-All #2

In this 1-hour episode, David & Tommy bring out the free-for-all fishbowl and some of life’s most challenging questions…questions from people like YOU!

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LMTV #23: Lighten Up

Life without laughter and fun isn’t much of a life at all, is it? Stand-up comic Dickey Bill Wagner shares with us some of his humor so we can lighten up.

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LMTV #20: LMTV Free-For-All

We asked our viewers and listeners for ideas, questions or topics that they wanted us to address–in a kind of “free-for-all”. Interesting, and lots of fun!

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LMTV #19: Play Your Best Game Ever!

Lynn Rose, a beautiful, dynamic entertainer and teacher, agreed to join us for a discussion about using the idea of “play” to bring out our very best.

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LMTV #16: Go Out And Play!

Many of us seem to have to (re-)learn to stop taking everything so seriously. Engage your inner child and just go out and play.

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