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August 4, 2021, 1PM Eastern / 10AM Pacific

From Fight to Flow

From Fight to Flow


Tamara Golden

“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.” ― Lao Tzu

When life circumstances seem chaotic, the idea of going with the flow can be a difficult one to embrace. Sometimes, the Universe delivers events or conditions that lead us to question what we are doing or why we are even on a particular path, and we may find ourselves feeling angry or frustrated—perhaps even to the point where we actively fight against our situation. On some level we know that the resistance is futile, but our ever-so-helpful ego-minds continue to strive against these external events, in some vain hope of gaining control!

When we are challenged by unpleasant or even painful external circumstances, we may have no idea how to return to the beautiful and peaceful flow state that we all seem to enjoy so much. Well, in this episode of Life Mastery TV, we are going to consider some options for helping us to regain our state of acceptance and flow.

To help me in this task, I’ve invited a gifted retreat planner, Tamara Golden, to join me. As someone who has gone through her own challenges in dealing with the chaos of life, Tamara knows how to create beautiful healing spaces and has a lot of ideas for reconnecting to the gentle flow of life. In this episode, we’ll talk about:

Fight or Flight Triggers

Virtually everyone has received pretty clear signals concerning a calling, a purpose, a path, or even just a next step—but then ends up resisting the call, maybe even to the point of fighting it tooth and nail? What is it that triggers this kind of response to a call that clearly comes from our higher selves?

Change as a Teacher

We seem to have a love-hate relationship with change. On the one hand, we like the newness that comes with change, but we often resist the very change we say we want because it brings with it some aspects of the unknown. Change can be a great teacher for us if we allow ourselves to be present to it without judgment.

The Gift of Acceptance

If we can get out of our own way—that is, soothe our ego-minds into gentle silence so that we see things as they really are—then we can release our stories, interpretations, and judgments and settle into a space of acceptance. In this space, everything is perfect just as it is.

Trusting in the Flow

The more we are able to accept things as they are, the more we become accustomed to trusting that the Universe is there to support us in our journey. As we develop our ability to trust, we naturally and effortlessly slip into the Flow that makes all of life so beautiful and enjoyable. And then the resistance that we experienced earlier seems like a vanishing memory!

Episode Guest

Tamara Golden

Tamara Golden

Tamara Golden is the owner of Journeywork Retreats, a retreat strategy, design and planning company operating throughout the US and worldwide. Through her work, Tamara combines her 20+ years in coaching, travel and event planning with her passion for personal transformation to help heart-centered entrepreneurs harness the power of the in-person retreat experience to grow themselves, their clients, and their business.

For more, visit https://JourneyWorkRetreats.com.

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