June 7, 2023, 1PM Eastern / 10AM Pacific

Your Vibration is Your Currency

(Episode #223)

Leah Skurdal

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“Every single one of us is a unique vibration in a beautiful symphony of infinite creation.”

― Gordana Biernat

You are a unique and powerful expression of Universal Consciousness, and as such you have a unique and powerful way of showing up and creating an impact on the world around you. You may not fully realize this truth, but it is indeed a fact of life. The ultimate goal of all Life Mastery TV episodes is to help you deepen your understanding and experience of your true nature, so that you can live the fullest and most complete expression of who you really are.

One thing you may not have thought much about is the idea of Vibration. Each of us, in every moment, is choosing—consciously or unconsciously—the level of our own vibration. Interestingly, the more conscious and aware we are, the higher that vibration tends to be, because our level of awareness affects the choices we make and the consequences they have on the world.

For this episode of Life Mastery TV, we’re going to engage in a deep conversation about the idea of vibration, with particular focus on how we can operate at higher levels—and thus have a more positive impact in the world—a greater percentage of the time. To help me shine a light on this important subject, I’ve invited back the delightful “Queen of Resilience”, Leah Skurdal, to join me. Here are some of the points we will be addressing:

Everything Is Energy

Ultimately, everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies and densities. As shown scientifically through MRIs, EKGs, and other sensitive instruments, we humans are vibrational beings—whether we are aware of it or not. Our thoughts and emotions have a vibration too. For example, we might notice a vibration of anger or fear when we walk into a room and start to feel uneasy; or we might feel calm and peaceful when in the presence of certain people.

Sensing Energy and Vibration

We’re not typically taught that we have the ability to sense energy and vibration. That’s not how the average person talks about their life experience. Sensitive people get knocked off balance and don’t feel at home in their bodies. They feel anxious. They think there’s something wrong with them. Many people use unhealthy coping strategies to numb the pain of feeling overwhelmed with the world’s energy coming at them.

Navigating Energy and Vibration

What if everyone knew how to navigate energy and vibration? We would learn to heal our disease and communicate more effectively with others. We would feel more confident in our skin and at home in our bodies. We would feel more whole.

Vibration as Currency

Your vibrational frequency is like a beacon that emanates in all directions from your core. It tends to attract anything that is aligned with that frequency and repel anything that is not aligned. Thus, what appears in your life is directly related to the vibrational frequency you choose to express. This is why the Law of Attraction reminds you that if you don’t like what is showing up in your life, simply change your frequency to invite in what you desire.

Plugging into the “Power Source”

If you follow the three steps to get grounded and plug into the power source within, then you can immediately experience some or all of the following benefits:

  • Align with who you really are, and therefore experience less stress.
  • Connect to your inner wisdom and make confident decisions.
  • Get in tune with your Spiritual Purpose for Being to guide every aspect of your life.
  • Improve and strengthen your relationships.

When you are in a low vibration—which sometimes happens when you are operating on autopilot—you allow yourself to become more reactive to external stimuli. If you enjoy being more relaxed and serene whenever possible, then learn to raise your awareness and your vibration to higher levels. In this way, you move from reactivity to responsiveness, and the world seems much more pleasant in every respect.

About this Week’s Guest

Leah Skurdal

Leah Skurdal

Leah Skurdal is a Resilience Event Leader, energy healer, inspirational speaker and author. She guides heart-led leaders to nurture a resilient body-mind, improve their relationships, and respond to change with agility. Her workshop participants up-level their stress response, improve their relationships and expand their impact.

Leah is author of Seeking Serenity: How to Find Your Inner Calm and Joy and is co-author in the #1 Amazon Best-selling Wellness Universe book series.

Leah has spoken at events for World Mental Health Day, World Peace Day, the Parliament for World Religions, Women and Spirituality Conference. She hosted a resilience building panel series and is currently hosting High Vibration Living: Leaders Bridging Inner & Outer Peace through the Wellness Universe.

Find out more at: https://LeahSkurdal.com/

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