All Guests

Accolon Hollingsworth (Episodes: 1)

Spiritual Kung Fu Warrior, Author, Workshop leader

Angela Medway-Smith (Episodes: 1)

Spiritual channel and teacher, master healer, coach, and retreat producer.

Anna Pereira (Episodes: 5)

Motivational public figure, speaker, teacher, and co-founder of The Wellness Universe.

Azmina Jiwa (Episodes: 3)

Author, Personal Development Trainer, International Speaker, and Life Coach.

Carol Pilkington (Episodes: 2)

Transformational/Spiritual Counselor and Astrological Counselor specializing in anxiety, grief/loss, relationships and transition.

Caroline Perez (Episodes: 1)

Energy Clearing Practitioner, Certified Mastery Transformational Coach, Intuitive Guide, and founder of Magical Help Desk, a sacred space for stressed and sensitive souls.

Carolyn McGee (Episodes: 1)

Founder of Sacred Haven Living, Intuition coach and mentor, senior partner at the Wellness Universe.

Carrie Doubts (Episodes: 1)

Professional Certified Coach with certifications in grief counseling, mentor coaching, relationship and divorce coaching. Founder of Life’s Next Chapter Coaching.

Chris Kyle (Episodes: 3)

Speaker, author, business coach and eLearning expert; creator of Launch Academy.

Debbra Lupien (Episodes: 2)

Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Voice of the Akashic Records. Her international best-selling book, Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual To You, a quick-start guide to using the Akashic Records, has become a catalyst for personal transformations across the globe.

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