“Communication is the solvent of all problems and is the foundation for personal development.” ― Peter Shepherd

It is well known that communication is a vital ingredient―the foundation, really―for every successful relationship. Unfortunately, most forms of communication that we experience in the world today are highly charged, competitive, and sometimes very mean-spirited―not exactly the kinds of qualities that lead to healthy relationships. Often, these forms of communication lead to blaming and shaming, and participants often find themselves losing or giving away their power, or worse, trying to disempower the other party (parties) involved. This increases stress, reduces a sense of well-being, and results in the proliferation of fear-based approaches to almost everything in life.

In this episode, David and his guest Jillian Landis share some powerful ideas for reclaiming your own sovereignty in any communication―without in any way reducing the sovereignty of whoever you might be speaking with. Watch the recording and find out about:

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