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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” ― Steve Jobs

One of the biggest challenges in our lives is to live according to a true Purpose that emanates from the deepest essence of who we really are. When we discover at least one Passion in life, and then take Action that is aligned with that passion, magic starts to happen! The more we do this, the more likely we are to experience Success in our lives―and the fulfillment and happiness that inevitably come with it!

Do you want to leave behind a legacy you can be proud of? If people were to follow in your footsteps, would you be excited about where they might end up? If you find a direction you can be passionate about, and take inspired action every day in the direction of that passion, then you will find success showing up easily in your life. And you can proudly say Yes! to both of those questions.

David’s guest in this episode is an inspirational leader and entrepreneur, Anna Pereira, who helps shed some light on this powerful topic. Check out the recording and learn about all of the following:

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