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“A happy life―a life making full use of all our potential―is and must be a balanced life. The obstacles to it are mainly illusory; most of our limitations are self-imposed.” ― Louis Tice

Joy is something we all love to have in our lives. It is an empowering and enlivening energy that keeps us moving forward no matter what else might be going on around us. But every once in a while―and maybe even quite often for some people―something comes along that seems literally to suck the joy out of everything, and life seems to fill us with a sense of doom and gloom. When this happens, there’s a very good chance that your ego-mind has taken over and is bombarding you with all kinds of stories about who it thinks you are. You may be second guessing your choices, or you may find yourself worrying whether you are good enough, or maybe you are plagued by a need for perfection. No matter what is going on when joy seems to have disappeared, you probably find yourself in a low-energy state with little or no desire to do anything.

David’s guest for this episode, Linda Shively, has some powerful ideas for dealing with this kind of situation, and she is the perfect person to help you reconnect to your joy. Check out the recording and learn the following:

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