David McLeod

David is a speaker, facilitator and coach who brings passion, power, and a lot of fun to his work.
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Your shadow embodies amazing gifts; embrace it and grow!

Tommy Stoffel

Tommy has a real gift for helping people defuse the chatter in their heads in order to make the deeper connection to their hearts.

Peace of Mind is the ability to enjoy your thoughts.

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Coming Up on Jun 10, 2016
LMTV #113—Movin' On!

After 112 episodes on Life Mastery TV, co-host Tommy Stoffel has decided to move on to other things. Join us to wish him the very best in his new endeavors!

Available Replays (signup required): [ 109 : Resolve to Re-Solve ] [ 110 : Intentional Trans... ] [ 111 : Body Wisdom ] [ 112 : The Pleasure Plan ]

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We asked our viewers and listeners for ideas, questions or topics that they wanted us to address--in a kind of "free-for-all". Interesting, and lots of fun!

Lynn Rose, a beautiful, dynamic entertainer and teacher, agreed to join us for a discussion about using the idea of "play" to bring out our very best.

Sometimes we blame others for what we are feeling, making ourselves a victim in the situation. Let's take responsibility...AND reclaim our power!

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