Dec 18, 2019 | 2 Comments
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“Learn to love yourself from the outside in with food so that your body loves you back from the inside out.” ― Jacquie Walburn

No matter how much work we do on ourselves to evolve and grow into the amazing Spiritual Beings we are all meant to be, one unavoidable fact seems clear: as long as we choose to remain on the physical plane, unconditional love and acceptance insists that we take good care of our physical health!

In this episode of Life Mastery TV, my guest is Jacquie Walburn, who helps us shed some light on the importance of nutrition in maintaining vibrancy and energy—so that we can bring powerful focus and intention to all of those things that we are here to do. The more we choose nutrition elements that support life, the more we declare our own self-love—and of course, self-love is our starting point if we want to increase the level of love throughout the universe.

Here are some of the things we discuss in the recording:

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