October 4, 2023, 1PM Eastern / 10AM Pacific

Awakening to Purpose

(Episode #231)

Maggie Sarfo

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“‘What am I living for?’ and ‘What am I dying for?’ are the same question.”

― Margaret Atwood

One thing I discovered during my personal growth process was that the more I deepened my connection to my true spiritual nature, the more I became attuned to my true purpose for being. And the more I aligned with that purpose, the greater my sense of fulfillment became.

Awakening to purpose is a profound journey of self-discovery that anyone can embark on. It is an exploration that delves deep into your spiritual nature, unraveling the mysteries of existence and your unique role in it. At the heart of this awakening lies the recognition that you are much more than just a physical being. You are a divine, magnificent, unlimited spiritual being of light and love who happens to be engaged in a temporary human experience. This realization can be a catalyst for profound transformation, as it connects you to a higher sense of purpose and meaning. After all, when you awaken to your purpose, you tap into a wellspring of inspiration and motivation. Life becomes more than just a series of daily routines; it becomes a sacred journey where each step is imbued with significance. This connection to your spiritual nature allows you to see the world through a different lens, one that transcends materialism and superficiality.

In the next episode of Life Mastery TV, we will investigate the idea of purpose in detail, and when we’re done, you’ll be inspired to take your own life to the next level. I’ve invited my friend and colleague, Maggie Sarfo, an international best-selling author, TEDx and Keynote speaker, and Akashic Records guide, to share her expertise on the subject. Here is a sampling of what we intend to discuss:

Purpose and Meaning

As our planet moves into higher states of consciousness, the number of people experiencing deep awakening or looking to find more meaning in life is increasing rapidly. This can be personal life, career, business, relationships, finances, family, community, or just about anything else. Find out how to understand, anchor and express your next level purpose as part of your awakening journey with ease, grace, passion and abundance.

Becoming: Expressing with Ease and Grace

Once you understand the nature of your evolving purpose, the next step is to become its expression. This can be a way of being, a way of doing things, or some other form of expression. By connecting to your innate flow state, you can learn to do this with ease, grace and conviction—and receive the benefits that come with it.

The Alignment Equation

Becoming more attuned and aligned with your purpose requires you to tap more into the intangible parts of your being—what some call intuition, higher self, soul, or essence. Find out about various tools and practices to help you gain insight and guidance from this part of yourself so that you can align it into your mental, emotional and physical self with passion.

The Abundance Butterfly

Awakening into purpose, brings forth gifts and abilities to live life to the fullest, as you naturally begin to impact others in a positive way. Sometimes, blockages may hold you back from co-creating and accessing the fullest levels of abundance, wealth, harmonious relationships, great health, joy, compassion, and growth that come with stepping into a more conscious state of being. Learn how to unlock this aspect of the process so you can truly live as a spiritual being having an amazing human experience.

Awakening to your purpose facilitates aligning with the universe’s flow and co-creating your destiny in accordance with your spiritual calling. It also fosters an interconnectedness with all living beings so that your purpose transcends personal gain to contribute to the greater good. Embrace this transformative journey and enjoy a more fulfilling existence, deeply connected to your inner fulfillment and the positive impact you make on the world.

Episode Guest

Maggie Sarfo

Maggie Sarfo

Maggie Sarfo is a certified Akashic Records Consultant, international best-selling author, TEDx and Keynote speaker, and advisor/mentor for individuals, entrepreneurs and leaders looking to access and express their highest potential.

After a successful 15-year corporate career, Maggie went through a transition phase. She woke up one morning with the sound of Akasha ringing in her ears. This led her to discover the Akashic Records as a tool to unlock blocks and heal herself and others, so they can move forward in confidence. As a result of this transition, she now specializes in helping clients with purpose and mission work, supported by her understanding of Akashic Records.

Maggie is CEO of Meres Consult Ltd in London (UK). Her mission is to inspire growth in every continent.

For more information, visit https://MaggieSarfo.com/

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