“For the truly faithful, no miracle is necessary. For those who doubt, no miracle is sufficient.” ― Nancy Gibbs

Miracles are events in the physical world that most people would describe as “impossible”—or at least beyond the capabilities or powers of ordinary humans. They are almost always unexpected in the sense that they defy the understanding of logic and linear thinking. Due to our somewhat limited perspective, we tend to associate the occurrence of a miracle as the product or manifestation of a Divine Entity.

When we think of miracles, most of us think of the many amazing feats of Jesus Christ, whose most highly regarded miracle—and the one which in many people’s minds elevated him to the status of God—was his resurrection from the dead. Miracles are always connected to faith, and those who believe with their whole hearts are empowered to manifest miracles more or less at will. Jesus himself said that “all this and more will you also do”.

In this day and age, when we seem to rely so much on science and logic, it is challenging for us to believe in miracles. And yet, if we take a moment to step back and simply observe the world around us, we can easily see things that appear to be quite beautiful and amazing—and even miraculous, in some cases. For this episode, I invited my good friend Laina Orlando to join us. She is a trained expert in A Course in Miracles, and she helps us to understand the concept in much more detail. In the recording, we discuss all of the following:

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