Topics with Tag ‘Authenticity’


LMTV #77: Soul Talk

Open heart, open soul. This is probably our biggest single desire. But we also want to connect authentically with other beings. So let the Soul Talk begin!

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LMTV #58: Communicating from the Heart

Guest presenter Christian Pedersen shares his wisdom about communication in relationship, and helps us move out of our heads and into our hearts.

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LMTV #37: A Question of Trust

Trust is a precious (and fragile) gift that we share with one another. And when trust is broken, it takes courage and commitment to repair.

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LMTV #36: Less “Nice”, More “Real”

Can we be “too nice”? What does it cost us? And how do we get back into balance with who we are? Join this week’s webinar and find out!

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LMTV #29: Living Life Unmasked

We all wear masks as a way to keep ourselves safe. Junie Moon Schreiber helps us to understand the cost, and find a way to live our lives unmasked.

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