Topics with Tag ‘Self Love’


LMTV #88: Pre-Forgive

You already know the wonderful power of forgiveness. But what if you could forgive in advance? Especially yourself!

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LMTV #87: The Magnificence Within

Our deepest heart’s desire is to be fully seen. When we clear away the clutter of our minds, our true beauty and magnificence emerge naturally and easily.

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LMTV #60: Compare and Despair

If you tend to compare yourself to others and judge yourself as coming up short, you’ll want to tune in and get some guidance in overcoming that bad habit!

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LMTV #45: Affirmation Power!

No matter where your life is right now, you can always amplify any aspect of it through the power of affirmations.

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LMTV #33: An Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving. What better time to bring back Jo Ann Rotermund, and discuss one of the most important skills we can develop: Gratitude!

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LMTV #21: The Forgiveness Habit

Forgiveness. One of the most powerful healing forces available to us, and one of the most difficult to practice. Jo Ann Rotermund helps us figure out how.

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LMTV #17: Juicy Relationships that Matter

Relationships are critical to the full experience of our lives. And of course, “juicy” relationships are the best!

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LMTV #9: A Sound Way to Heal and Grow

Our guest Sara Jane has a deep passion to create healing through the amazing power of sound energy. Listen in as she shares her wisdom on this subject.

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LMTV #6: Conscious Self-Creation

What is “Conscious Self-Creation”? Essentially, it is a choice to evolve consciously from a current state into a higher state. Join us and find out more.

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LMTV #4: Approvalitis…The Search for a Cure!

Approvalitis. Even though you may never have heard that term before, you probably already know what it means, don’t you? Listen in and find out more.

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