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LMTV #107: The Global Messenger

Everyone has gifts, and in today’s world, it is imperative that we share them and serve others generously. Join the movement! Become a global messenger!

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LMTV #100: Public Service Announcement

Being of service is possibly one of the most beneficial things you can do to enhance your life. And Science proves it makes you happy!

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LMTV #99: Soul Courage

Go beyond experiences of mind and body, and bring the full power of your Soul into the equation. Touch into Soul Courage and watch yourself soar.

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LMTV #93: Kick the Habit

Some habits are more dangerous than the addictions we are all familiar with. This week, let’s look at ways to break our habits–from a place of love.

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LMTV #91: Shiny Object Syndrome

Too many distractions can easily keep you from reaching your goals. But there are ways to defuse the distractions! Learn how in this episode.

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LMTV #82: Work-Life Balance

We all require money to make our way in the world, and so we work at various jobs. But it’s easy to go overboard. How can we bring things back into balance?

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LMTV #79: Anybody’s Guess

In each LMTV episode so far, David & Tommy have shared their wisdom remotely. This week they are together in the same place. Who knows what might happen?!

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LMTV #78: Beyond the Comfort Zone

If you want to live a truly spectacular and fulfilled life, you must move beyond your Comfort Zone into your Risk Zone–where real growth can take place!

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LMTV #74: Let’s Be Clear

Clarity is a natural state of being that most of leave behind when we’re young. It’s time to reclaim that clarity and transform ourselves and our lives.

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LMTV #73: Humble Confidence

Confidence and Humility are desirable attributes, but there’s a risk: too much of either can actually disempower you. The key is moderation and balance!

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