Topics with Tag ‘Responsibility’


LMTV #106: You Made Me!

Sometimes we blame others for what we are feeling, making ourselves a victim in the situation. Let’s take responsibility…AND reclaim our power!

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LMTV #53: Shine On (You Crazy Diamond)

The challenges and trials of life forge us bit by bit into the brilliant jewels we are meant to be in this world. No more preparation needed. Just shine on!

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LMTV #37: A Question of Trust

Trust is a precious (and fragile) gift that we share with one another. And when trust is broken, it takes courage and commitment to repair.

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LMTV #30: Quitcho Bitchin’!

It’s easy to complain, especially about things that seem outside of our control. But what does it get us, and what is the cost?

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LMTV #28: It’s All About ME!

Our ego-minds don’t much like this idea, but We are all One. And the One is known by only one name: I. Therefore, in a very real sense, it is all about me!

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LMTV #22: Don’t Take It Personally

We look specifically at the agreement “Don’t Take it Personally” (from “The Four Agreements”) and why it is so hard for most of us to do that.

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