All Guests

Moira Hutchison (Episodes: 1)

Mindset Cultivator, Energy Healer & Tarot Consultant who helps people to break free of invisible blocks to achieve their full potential.

Monica Brown (Episodes: 1)

Visionary Coach, Meditation Facilitator and Author who works with visionaries to create positive tangible changes in their love life, profession and happiness.

Nadia Kim (Episodes: 1)

Spiritual life coach, past life healer, certified hypnotherapist, intuitive, author and poet.

Nancy Stevens (Episodes: 2)

International Certified Coach, blogger with The Wellness Universe, talk show host on “News For The Soul”

Nicole Harvick (Episodes: 1)

Forgiveness coach, quantum energy healer, author, speaker.

Nicole O'Connor (Episodes: 1)

Founder of Pink Sky Leadership; executive coach.

No Guest (Episodes: 1)

Patrick Dominguez (Episodes: 1)

Co-Founder of The Big Shift, Business Coach, and Speaker

Rachel Grant (Episodes: 1)

Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach and author of Beyond Surviving: The Final Stage in Recovery from Sexual Abuse.

Rachel Vasquez (Episodes: 1)

The Grief Warrior, founder of Living Beyond Grief, senior partner at The Wellness Universe and a widow.

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