All Guests

Shari Alyse (Episodes: 1)

Motivational speaker, self-love coach, best-selling author, teacher, and co-founder of The Wellness Universe.

Sharon Carne (Episodes: 1)

Sound Healing Therapist, Founder of Sound Wellness Institute.

Stephanie Bailey (Episodes: 1)

Love and Relationship Coach, #1 Bestselling author, CEO of Miss-Adventures, LLC

Stephanie Benedetto-Padovani (Episodes: 1)

Wild Creation Coach, Soul Storyteller, writer, marketer and certified Master NLP coach and Time Line Therapy® practitioner

Tamara Golden (Episodes: 1)

Business coach and world-wide retreat designer, planner and strategist; Founder of Journeywork Retreats.

Tom Heintz (Episodes: 2)

Certified Holistic Healer specializing in Emotion and Body Code, creator of the Ultimate Healer System, MasterMind Instructor, Vision Call Coach and motivational Speaker.

Tomás Garza (Episodes: 1)

Toni Warner (Episodes: 1)

Licensed psychotherapist, author, specialist in behavior, psychology, and sexuality.

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