Topics with Tag ‘Freedom’


LMTV #64: Internal Hostage Situation

Age-old advice can turn into a powerful form of expectation that can keep you from enjoying your life. Get yourself out of the trap! Be free to BE!

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LMTV #51: From Thinking To Knowing

There is incredible freedom in moving from thinking to knowing. Truth is always available to everyone–including YOU! So, KNOW who you are, and be free!

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LMTV #50: Who Do You Think You Are?

Most thoughts are illusion–stuff we just make up. This is true even where our self-image is concerned. But if you’re not who you THINK, then who are you?

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LMTV #48: The Power of Awareness

Our guest, Laina Orlando, is a powerful teacher on the subject of awareness. Learn from her how awareness changed her life–and how it can change yours.

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LMTV #12: Free to Be ME!

On this Independence Day, we decided to look at freedom from a different perspective–free to be ourselves–fully, authentically, and unconditionally.

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