Topics with Tag ‘Mission’


LMTV #107: The Global Messenger

Everyone has gifts, and in today’s world, it is imperative that we share them and serve others generously. Join the movement! Become a global messenger!

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LMTV #69: The Heart-Empowered Man

The day of the “macho man” is long over. The world craves men who live from their heart; this episode shines a light on such men.

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LMTV #53: Shine On (You Crazy Diamond)

The challenges and trials of life forge us bit by bit into the brilliant jewels we are meant to be in this world. No more preparation needed. Just shine on!

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LMTV #42: Uncovering Your Purpose

Imagine being on fire about every aspect of your life! That’s what a clear purpose can do for you. Uncover yours today and supercharge your life.

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LMTV #19: Play Your Best Game Ever!

Lynn Rose, a beautiful, dynamic entertainer and teacher, agreed to join us for a discussion about using the idea of “play” to bring out our very best.

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LMTV #15: Eliminating Blocks to Your Purpose

Are you living according to your purpose, or are you thwarted by beliefs that block you? Guest Chris Kyle teaches us how to eliminate those blocks.

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LMTV #14: Integrity — Staying on Course

Integrity is an internal mechanism that tells you when you are off track and points you toward the right direction for your life.

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