All Guests

Marisa Ferrera (Episodes: 1)

Best-selling author, women’s empowerment coach and mentor, Certified Connection Practice Coach

Marni Hill Foderaro (Episodes: 1)

Award-winning author, speaker and educator with a doctorate in education from Northern Illinois University.

Maya Boston (Episodes: 2)

Light Language Channel and Activator, Gong Practitioner, Speaker, Teacher

Megan Bryant (Episodes: 1)

Comedian, improv instructor, commercial actor, freelance writer, and award-winning author of her auto-biographical book, Not My Plan.

Melissa Jirovec (Episodes: 1)

Mindset Strategist, Author, Podcast Host and Founder of Prosperity Unleashed

Misty Tyme (Episodes: 1)

Author, speaker, trainer, forgiveness expert, certified death doula, interfaith reverend and creator of The Forgiveness Algorithm™.

Moira Hutchison (Episodes: 1)

Mindset Cultivator, Energy Healer & Tarot Consultant who helps people to break free of invisible blocks to achieve their full potential.

Monica Brown (Episodes: 1)

Visionary Coach, Meditation Facilitator and Author who works with visionaries to create positive tangible changes in their love life, profession and happiness.

Nadia Kim (Episodes: 1)

Spiritual life coach, past life healer, certified hypnotherapist, intuitive, author and poet.

Nancy Stevens (Episodes: 1)

International Certified Coach, blogger with The Wellness Universe, talk show host on “News For The Soul”

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